Coordinator: I.S.I.S.-ISTITUTO STATALE ISTRUZIONE SUPERIORE "LUIGI DE' MEDICI”, Ottaviano, Italy Istituto Professionale di Stato per i servizi Enogastronomici e dell'OspitalitÓ alberghiera "Karol Wojtyla", Sicily, Catania
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Italy, 12th  TO THE 17th OCTOBER 2016

First project meeting took place in Ottaviano, Italy from 11th to the 15th of October and had as the main goal the achievement of the work plan at partnership level, the confirmation of each partner’s tasks, terms/deadlines and responsibilities for each partner were established; an evaluation and dissemination plan was made in each partner school or association.
During the meeting the partners’ suggestions were analyzed, discussed over according to the partnership’s objectives, different ways of approaching the theme/content of the project were suggested and the best ones were chosen according to the educational and instructional/ learning content. For making sure that the best decisions were taken, both the coordinator of the project and the partners contributed with project implementation solutions and eventually, the most agreed on ones were chosen. For the accomplishment of the tasks, there were chosen methods of ensuring the right quality level of the implementation process. At the beginning of the activity, in the presence of the partners’ delegates and of the numerous guests from the local and educational community, experts, school and territory representatives, the project was inaugurated with a presentation of its goals, objectives and proposed activities in the conference hall. Every partner presented each country and institution they come from and their identified problems concerning the disabled students’ better integration within the school system. Also, they presented their political, social and educational realities during the round tables of discussions organized in the presence of staff and experts.
The Italian partner suggested a kind of questionnaire they had already applied in their school and its results. It has been decided that the questionnaire can be used by all the partner institutions with slight changes according to each country’s needs and social realities, being very important to be applied at the beginning of the project for a better identification of the disabled students’ problems and also for finding the best solutions at each partner institution’s level.
Moreover, each partner has suggested a type of the project logo worked on by the students, and eventually, the logo created by the Italian team was unanimously approved. It is very illustrative for the project theme and it will represent the emblem of the project from now on.
Debates have taken place having as starting point for reflection and action the questionnaire’s results in Italy and identifying obstacles and gaps in the relations between the disabled students and the supportive entities (What can be done at the school level, in families, in the society?).
A deadline for applying the questionnaire in all countries has been established and also for the selection of learners until the meeting in Bulgaria, in April. The meeting should have taken place in Turkey but because of the political problems present in the country nowadays, all the partners agreed that it is safer to hold the meeting in Bulgaria instead and postpone the one in Turkey until the situation improves.
 For the delegates, an itinerary was made by the means of which the most representative places were made known: Pompei, Sorrento, Salerno, Naples – representative for its culture and history, important to promote the country and traditions as part of all European projects’ objectives.

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