Klaipedos paslaugu ir verslo mokykla, Klaipeda, Lithuania

    Lithuanian project meeting was held from 4th until 9th of June, in 2017.
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The first day project coordinators participated in the conference with local municipality representatives held at hotel Amberton-Klaipeda. City major Vytautas Grubliauskas welcomed the guests and talked about importance of Erasmus projects and cooperation between high and vocational schools in Europe. After project manager of Klaipeda business and service school Loreta Tamosaitiene introduced participants to all meeting program, Areta Skukauskiene made a presentation about Lithuania and Klaipeda region.
The aim of this meeting was to held short term staff training “How to convert the inner resources to career plan?”
The training course took place at Klaipeda business and service school from 5 of June for 5 working days.  20 teachers and school staff members from Italy, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Malta and Lithuania has actively participated in this training.
The training was leaded by experts in psychology Jurgita Kadagiene and Renata Baltrimiene, also career counselor Aivaras Pranarauskas.
During the training international team of teachers was introduced with different topics of self-cognition and self-development, motivation and self-awareness theories and practical activities, time management and team building, leadership activities.
During the meeting project coordinators agreed about next meeting in Malta tasks, data and goals. Also they discussed about didactic plan for students, local activities and fulfilled project monitoring. The main coordinator Carmela Copolla asked all countries to prepare first year project report about the fulfilled tasks and mobilities.
During the free time project team spent visiting famous Lithuanian resorts Palanga, Juodkrante, Nida.

Also the project participants visited Blacksmith museum in Klaipeda, were introduced with Klaipeda city history, cultural heritage.