Colegiul Tehnic de Alimentatie si Turism Dumitru Motoc, Galati, Romania

    Colegiul Tehnic de Industrie Alimentara "Terezianum", Sibiu, Romania

Local activities
Final products
Useful material

During the last project meeting, conclusions were drawn and discussions were made concerning the structure and content of the second newsletter and also of the Methodological Guide "Overcoming the risks of early school leavers and improving basic skills". Teachers of the partner schools have searched, observed the current resources and most importantly they used their experiences about early school leavers in their school environment. Also, it was established a deadline for sending all the activities done in the second year of project to the coordinator. The products of the project will be messengers of their authors not only in the partner countries but in many other countries by spreading DVDs and visiting the project web site. Discussions were made also on the content of the final report and of the website and tasks were given to each coordinator.
During the project meetings the coordinators analysed the entire project and the financial aspects.
Some sightseeing cultural visits were made in Sibiu, Bran and Brașov.
Coordinators and teachers from all partner institutions summarized actions and results of their project, all partners working at the same time during the meeting at the evaluation of the project and at the collection of all the results in order to make a statistics of the project results, to prepare a booklet of the materials used during the implementation, to organize the dissemination and prepare guide lines for the sustainability of this project.
Many tears were spilled and many promises were made of keeping in touch after the project officially finishes.