22nd-29th April 2018  2nd Students' Exchange Turkey
Local activities
Final products
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    According to the decision taken during the first meeting in Naples, dates of the mobilities between Bulgaria and Turkey changed. According to this decision, a programme had been planned since starting of the educational year. 
 A WhatsApp group was created between the students with the purpose of breaking the ice before the mobility.                                                                                    
  According to tour partners' information, hotel bookings and airport transfer plans were made.
  Our partners were picked up from Adnan Menderes Airport on 21st April. The group stayed in İzmir Karşıyaka Öğretmenevi on 21st and 22nd April. The activities started on 23rd April. The group went on the ferry in the morning and crossed the other side of the city and visited Atatürk Museum. After a short city tour, the group went to Historical Elevator Restaurant for lunch. After Lunch and sightseeing, the group took a tour in Kemeraltı and historical bazaar. All the partners arrived Ödemiş after noon and they had dinner at school and they checked in Çiftçi Hotel at 9.00 pm.
 24 April 2018
The partners and the students were picked up from the hotel and entered the school in the morning. The manager of the school, İlhan KOCA, gave a welcome speech to the partners. According the program, a meeting with the coordinator was made. Activities with all participants were started after the meeting. Ebru Painting (Water Painting), Wall Painting and Folk Dances. The students performed the workshops together and they had great joy while the activities. They shared good moments and integrated within the groups. After the Turkish Students' folk dance show, Turkish students taught a short part of folk dance to the participants. They danced together and had great moments together. During the activities, a journalist took photos and interviewed some teachers and students. News about the activities were appeared on local and national newspapers.
25 April 2018
The group departed from the hotel early in the morning and set out for Pamukkale. Buldan, traditional textile bazaar, was visited and after dinner Pamukkale was visited and guided by a guide. The group arrived to the school for dinner at 7 pm.
26. April 2018
The group arriver to school and the activities was done while the coordinators were in the project meeting. The students finished the Ebru paintings with the guidance of the school's art teacher. The paintings were cut and bookmarks were done from them. The students took them as reminder of the good moments during the mobility.  After the lunch, the group went to Birgi which is a traditional and historic Turkish settlement and they visited a house that where silk workshop was presented by a teacher from another school. During this presentation the partners saw how time and effort needed during hand craft producing. After the presentation the group went to Gölcük which is little village on the mountain near a lake. They had a walk took photographs and communicated each other. At 7 pm the group turned back to the school and had dinner and went to the hotel.
27. April 2018
The group got on the buses and set out for Şirince-Virgin Marrie's House and Kuşadası. Model village that was created by a retired teacher was visited first. Şirince was visited and lunch was taken in Şirince, then the group visited Virgin Marrie's house and Ephesus were visited with the guidance of our guide. After noon the group had some free time in Kuşadası and after the dinner, the group turned back to Ödemiş.
28. April 2018
Some of our partners departed. The others had some free time in tradition al bazaar and women's handmade bazaar. After noon the group went to Birgi and a picnic barbecue party was organised. The partners and students had great time again and the played some games, eat their lunch and dinner there. They had a tourist bus tour in Birgi. They turned to the hotel at 7 pm.
29 April 2018
All our partners departed